Paving using different materials


Paving does not need to be just pavers. Unique Courtyards have experience with many different types of paving materials. This totally depends on the look you are after and how the materials match the surroundings.

Unique Courtyards like to do things properly the first time around. Other landscapers use sand under pavers which look great when first laid but move over time. We like to lay pavers on a bed of concrete so they look great now and into the future. Create your Unique Courtyard and continue to enjoy it many years into the future.

Unique courtyards paving previous job examples

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Paved garden and lawn edging. New school paving neatly joining existing stairs. Colour paving around a low maintenance garden bed. New paved entertaining courtyard Brick paving including driveway and path leading to the front door. New feature paved courtyard with raised garden beds in the same paving stones night shot of new pool paving and back courtyard Stone paving around a newly installed pool