About Unique Courtyards - Landscape design and construction.

Landscaping Experience

Unique courtyards is a result of years of experience in the landscaping industry. A family Business that dates back some 40 years that has now been revitalised with a youthful enthusiasm. A handing over of the business to a new generation whilst maintaining the experience from the past.

We boast experience in all aspects of landscape. This enormous experience gives us an added advantage to create something vibrant out of an otherwise dull or difficult area. We feel we have encountered and collectively solved some very difficult landscape areas over an extended period.

Design, Materials and Skill

We offer modern design together with a balance of old and new.

Using quality products our qualified tradesmen complete the structural stage to create that special space.

Our achievements have been many including standard paved area using materials such as blue stone, limestone, granite, modern brick, old red or large format pavers. We have also created a resort appearance with random cut stone walls, creative swimming pool shapes, huts, water features, special lighting effects, irrigation, lawns and gardens to give the client something they can be proud of.

How we can assist with your requirements

Picture your own space and what you think you require. Then browse through our gallery to see what we have done before and how we can assist in creating your Unique Courtyard.

Unique Courtyards Photo Gallery

If you are still not absolutely convinced that Unique Courtyards is for you , then we have hundreds more gallery shots available plus an extensive testimonial collection please contact Kyle on 0425828941.